How to book a Photoshoot:

* At our FREE consultation you may ask as many questions you would like so you feel comfortable.

*Please have three available dates for photoshoot options. Depending on which package you choose will determine how the shoot might last.

         Corset Cuties : approximately 2 hours     

         High Heeled Honey: approximately 3 hours

          Bombshell Calendar: approximately 4-5 hours

* During our consultation we will get an idea of outfit options, backdrops and props needed to make the best of your photoshoot. Special request will also be discussed at this time.

*Once a date, time and place are finalized a $100 non refundable deposit will be placed to reserve your spot within 3 days of consultation. 

*We look forward to playing dress up with you!


***ps. You may choose to keep your photos fully confidential, allow us to share to social media and/or submit for print publication.***





How to Prepare for a Photoshoot:

* Please arrive no more than 15 min prior to your shoot.  Please text if you will be more than 20 min. late.

*Arrive with a clean face and dry hair. We preferably hair that has NOT been freshly washed.

* Wear black under garments and a pair of high heels.

*Many girls choose to get their nails done, hair cut & colored and get waxed.

*Bring anything you might want to use for your shoot especially if the shoot is for a  someone else. (ie spouse button up shirt, uniform, sexy lingerie,...)

* Models are allowed to bring ONE friend for moral support NOT as second shooter or self proclaimed expert of everything. 

* For pin up shoots please practice your vowels in the mirror, sounds silly but those vowels help shape your facial expressions during a shoot.



What to Expect During a Photoshoot:

* During a Photoshoot we want you to relax and leave it all to us!

* First slip into a luxurious robe to get your professional make and hair done.  This usually takes about an hour.

* Second, be transformed in a vintage vixen from head to toe with your outfit choice.

* Everyone needs about 10 -15 min. to warm up behind the camera but do not worry we walk you through poses, hand positions, facial expressions and we make sure every curl is exactly where it belongs.

* To put you at ease we usually show you unedited camera shots so you can see how beautifully you are doing.

* Lastly you leave with professional hair and make up for hopefully a fun night out on the town!


 What to Expect After a Photoshoot: 


* After you had a great time playing dress up, we get to work editing your photos.  Depending on time of year it may take 1-4 weeks to arrive.

*Please note we do minimal editing, sculpting and smoothing, we think every woman is beautiful and just want to enhance what is already there.  We will not change your shape drastically.

* Once they arrive you may choose to print them yourselves or let us order your professional prints on a variety of items like canvas, metal ,...

* Please tag us #bertiesretrocircus when you share on social media and tell your friends how much fun you had playing dress up with Bertie's Retro Circus.